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Some of my works

Felina Tumblr Portfolio Theme

Now available on Themeforest!

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WIP - Felina Tumblr Portfolio

Available soon only on Themeforest.

Impetus Version 2.0 Update

It’s done! Impetus Tumblr Theme is now updated to 2.0 packed with new features and lots of improvements.

What’s New on version 2.0

  • Migrated from Skeleton grid to Zurb Foundation 4.3.1
  • Better top navigation with dropdown menu support for Pages and Categories.
  • Added/replaced Branding Background with orbit slider.
  • About Image is now no longer forced to be cropped to 250px height meaning you’re in full control of the image dimensions.
  • All sections can now be toggled on or off.
  • Post Tags on portfolio items are now clickable and given text-overflow: no-wrap
  • Reworked the footer.
  • Reworked Tag Pages and Search Pages.
  • Site Name now redirects to home page.
  • Added lightbox view to Photosets.
  • Added option to add background image to body.
  • Added Font-Awesome support. (Note that some social icons are removed affected by this change in font icon library).
  • Lesser codes overall.
  • Old version is still included on the main zip file.

Exclusively available on Themeforest.


Periodic Table Inspired Breaking Bad Typography

I long ago gave up on trying (and trying hard) to be a graphic designer but I can’t pass up this BrBa fandom, lel. So I am planning on doing these periodic table inspired typography art for some of the most memorable Heisenberg one-liners.

Though I hope I’ll find the time finishing these.

Tread Lightly

All aboard the Breaking Bad Hype Train! Re is rhenium. Li is lithium.

Download high resolution (1920px by 1280px) HERE

Empire - Responsive Tumblr Portfolio Theme

A clean and responsive Tumblr portfolio theme for creative folks. It’s a website on a budget!

Basic Features

  • Supports all Tumblr post types
  • Lots of customization options via the Appearance Panel
  • Responsive web design (built with Zurb Foundation 4)
  • Valid HTML5 + CSS3 code
  • Support all major browsers
  • Well documented

Theme Features

  • Font Awesome Icons enabled
  • Custom Orbit Slider (can add up to 6 slides)
  • Modal Ask Form, Search Form, and custom share links.
  • Built-in About Section on Index Page
  • Built-in Skills Section with “skill meters” (up to 5 skills)
  • Services Section (up to 4 services)
  • Portfolio Section with “Twitter Style” pagination
  • “Clients Section” where you can add your clients’ or partners’ logos. (up to 5 logos)
  • Call to action banner
  • Twitter and Instagram Feeds
  • Social network buttons
  • Exif data support for photos
  • Clearing view on Photosets
  • Disqus comments enabled
  • Google Web Font support for headings 20$ on Themeforest Buy here Demo here

Impetus Tumblr Theme (Portfolio) Buy this on Themeforest

A clean and responsive smooth-scrolling Tumblr Portfolio Theme. Cheap but elegant solution for showcasing your works.

Theme Features

  • HTML5/CSS3 code
  • Supports all Tumblr post types (though since this theme is intended as a portfolio, we recommend sticking with Photo, Photoset, and/or Video post types).
  • Custom About Section and About Section Widgets
  • Smooth-scrolling one page style layout.
  • Triggered infinite-scroll (“Load More Post”) button for posts – posts are all loaded on the home page
  • Tumblr Ask Form as Contact Section
  • Responsive web design based on Skeleton Grid (resize your browsers to view how it behaves).
  • Clean and minimal design.
  • Packed with customization options via Tumblr’s Appearance Tab.
  • Includes an extensive documentation.
  • Coded with Tumblr custom theme guidelines in mind.
  • Twitter feed widget included.
  • Built-in share buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest)
  • Disqus Comments Support
  • Cool, scalable social font icons.
  • Supports most modern browsers.

Heisenberg (Minimal)

My Breaking Bad fan art. Heisenberg logo was ripped from Vince Gilligan’s limited edition jackets

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